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At RGV Resource Group, we don’t just empower you – we ignite your potential. We craft cutting-edge technology designed to streamline your life and personalize your experience. Our user-friendly interface makes navigating this power a breeze.

But RGV is more than a toolbox. We’re your launchpad for success. Join our vibrant community, forge connections, and unlock a world of business opportunities. Our unwavering reliability and proven track record empower you to not only achieve personal goals, but also build a thriving business.

Think beyond limitations. With RGV, you gain the tools, support, and community to turn your vision into reality. We’re passionate about your success, and our 24/7 support ensures you’re never on your own.

Meet The Team.

I began my business career as a laborer in an agricultural-related business. I then transferred my ability to managing a facility in the petroleum/convenience store industry. I learned quickly that I preferred the seasonal busy times found in agriculture. After changing my career goals back to agriculture, I managed facilities and wholesale territories for the next 25 years. When the company I was working for left the agriculture industry, I adapted, I sold cars and drove limousines. Both jobs were very interesting and provided more training in sales and management skills. Something else that was rewarding about driving limousines was driving for the Transplant Teams. The team would have us drive them to various places so they could harvest donor organs. We would wait onsite for them and then get them back to Rochester so they could put the donor organ(s) into the patients needing them. It was a tremendous feeling to be a part of saving so many lives. I later went on to become a bookkeeper for a large independent agriculture equipment dealership. I have always adapted to the situation, learned quickly, and built trust and confidence with my co-workers and clients. It is my desire to combine my abilities with yours and create our best life ever, God willing.

Steve “Ike” Eisenhauer

CEO & Founder

Suzie Eisenhauer


Suzanne Eisenhauer has acquired a vast amount of knowledge in the medical field coming from working in hospital settings for 30 years. She worked as a Health Unit Coordinator on an OB/GYN/NICU floor for 18 years at Olmsted Medical Center hospital in Rochester, Minnesota. She also worked with the charge nurse to run a very busy Med/Surg/ICU floor also at OMC hospital, gaining a great deal of knowledge by working closely with nurses and doctors, paying close attention to details, to achieve an extremely high level of care for our patients. The last 10 years of her medical experience comes from working for the Mayo Clinic Spine Center in Rochester, Minnesota. This was an opportunity to learn and grow in an area that she was not familiar with. She enjoyed the challenge of yet another fast-paced department and excelled in helping patients make appointments, scheduling testing and procedures. Suzanne is an avid reader and an aspiring writer. She brings with her a positive and empathetic attitude.

Royce Eisenhauer

Platinum Presidential IMD

Royce was drafted into the armed services in 1966. He served a tour in Vietnam and was honorably discharged. He then entered the business world and advanced into management positions. His business experience would pay off and help him achieve the level of Platinum Presidential Independent Marketing Director. We are honored to have Royce’s knowledge available to help us develop this site and promote the business opportunities we offer.

Our Values

1. Guided by Purpose: At RGV Resource Group, we operate with a strong foundation in faith. We believe in conducting all our business relations with integrity and respect, honoring the values we hold dear. This commitment to ethical practices and a higher purpose extends to our interactions with customers, partners, and the community at large. By operating with faith as a guiding principle, we strive to create a positive impact and contribute to a better world.

2. Unleash Your Potential: At RGV Resource Group, we believe technology shouldn’t be a hurdle, but a springboard. We provide cutting-edge tools designed to streamline tasks and empower you to focus on what truly matters. Our personalized approach ensures you have the resources and support to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals, both personal and professional.

3. The Future is Now: Experience the power of tomorrow’s technology, today. At RGV, we’re constantly pushing boundaries and developing innovative solutions designed to simplify your life. Our user-friendly interface makes navigating our powerful tools a breeze, allowing you to reap the benefits of cutting-edge technology without the complexity.

4. Thrive Together: Success is sweeter when shared. Join our vibrant RGV community, a network of like-minded individuals ready to connect, collaborate, and inspire each other. Gain valuable insights, share experiences, and build meaningful connections that will fuel your journey and empower you to achieve even greater things.